Nginx does not start after IP change


  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 11.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux


  • On the Plesk homepage, you see the following error:
  • New configuration files for the Apache web server were not created due to the errors in configuration templates: nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed . The error message containing the detailed error descriptions was sent to you by e-mail. Please resolve the issues and click here to generate broken configuration files once again or here to generate all configuration files.
  • Nginx cannot start:
    [emerg] bind() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) ;


  • IP was removed from server directly but was not removed from Plesk
  • IP of the server was changed directly on the server. Plesk do not update configuration automatically.


  1. Sync Plesk database and IP addresses on the server:
    # /usr/local/psa/bin/reconfigurator --autoconfigure

    Please pay attention to the output of the first command. It may contain the same IP address listed in several sections and also some IP addresses listed under ‘`Database`’ but not listed under `’Actual’`:

    [root@srv ~]# /usr/local/psa/bin/reconfigurator –autoconfigure
    Database: [<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <0000:a0a0:0000:a0:225:00a0:0a00:0a00]
    Actual: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>]
    Removed IPs: [] [<0000:a0a0:0000:a0:225:00a0:0a00:0a00>]
    Added IPs: [] []
    Mapping: {}
    Old not remapped: [<0000:a0a0:0000:a0:225:00a0:0a00:0a00>]
    New not used: []

    The above case indicates that Ipv6 address 0000:a0a0:0000:a0:225:00a0:0a00:0a00 was removed directly from the server interface.

  2. You can use the following steps to repair the IP address:a. Access Tools & Settings > IP Addressesb. If there is an IP address marked with an exclamation point and a broken state, click the repair link.

    c. If there are no broken IP addresses, click re-read. Now, these broken addresses should be revealed and repaired as per p.2

  3. Now reconfigure web-server:
    # /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/httpdmng --reconfigure-all
  4. Start nginx:
    # /etc/init.d/nginx restart



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